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Network Configuration Guide

Devuan chimaera includes a number of tools for network management, including the traditional command line oriented ifupdown package as well as the daemon based active managers connman and network-manager. The latter is commonly used on desktop installations as it comes with an easy-to-use GUI.

Devuan chimaera does not include wicd which due to its dependency on python2.7 has been excluded from the Debian buster repositories.

Using ifupdown

The ifupdown package provides command line administration of network interfaces based on declarations added to /etc/network/interfaces, or added as snippet files in /etc/network/interfaces.d/.

Interfaces are managed via command line programs ifup and ifdown, and (as applicable) via hotplug and boot up scripts.

Below is a small collection of example configuration snippets for ifupdown.

Using connman

The connman package provides an automatic network managing daemon program that is controlled on the command line via its connmanctl control program.

A couple of examples from its "man page":

Note that connman uses its own interface names.

Using network-manager

A desktop system may use network-manager for managing some or all of the network interfaces. The package also includes the nmcli program for command line administration, but this cannot be installed without the graphical dependencies.

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