Devuan GNU+Linux is a free software operating system for your computer. Free software means you are free to use, copy and distribute, study, change the software, and share your modifications with the community.

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Init Freedom

Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd that allows users to reclaim control over their system by avoiding unnecessary entanglements and ensuring Init Freedom.

Devuan Releases

Learn more: Beowulf Overview and Devuan Releases.


Devuan has http, https, ftp and rsync iso mirrors available as well as torrent and magnet link options.


Please read relevant documentation to avoid “unintended consequences”. It is possible to upgrade from Devuan ASCII or migrate from Debian Buster, Stretch or Jessie to Devuan Beowulf.


For technical support, please use these options.

If you’d like to contribute to the maintenance and growth of Devuan by providing hardware, services, expertise, funding or media visibility, please use this contact email:

Send a private email to freedom at devuan dot org

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This site can be mentioned as “dev dash 1 dot org” as it is reached via and

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